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Can you grow vegetables in dry hot climates? Sundrop Farms says yes. This large hydroponic farm grows fruits and vegetables in Adelaide, Australia without using soil.

Sundrop Farms uses practices common among hydroponic farms, like avoiding pesticides. But it sets itself apart in other ways, a key one being its reliance on renewable resources — sunlight and seawater.

Sundrop uses solar power to supply all of its energy needs. Desalinated seawater (that has salt and other minerals removed) and captured rainwater serve as the water that feeds the plants. Solar power is also used in a thermal desalination process. In addition, the ventilation system uses seawater to help cool the greenhouse.

Sunlight and seawater are perpetually renewable resources, and they don’t use any fossil fuels, groundwater or farmland. This is a key part of Sundrop’s truly sustainable model, which goes beyond making a profit and aspires to a triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profits.

Check out this video by Mashable, which takes a closer look at Sundrop’s sustainability! 

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Want to learn more? Visit Sundrop Farms at www.sundropfarms.com.


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