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what is hydroponics?

it’s the art and science of growing plants in water, not soil — so it’s cleaner and greener than organic

sustainable at our core

Marlo Hydroponic Skincare® was inspired by the power and promise of hydroponics, an incredibly environmentally friendly and sustainable farming method. Marlo is the world’s first skincare company to create products built around clean hydroponic extracts.

hydroponics sustainable to our core
hydroponics are green

it’s green

  • Hydroponics is one of the most SUSTAINABLE cultivation methods yet developed — beyond organic.
  • Hydroponics is great for the ENVIRONMENT:
  • Soil nutrients are not depleted
  • Saves up to 90% more water compared to soil cultivation
  • Land is conserved since it requires significantly less land area than conventional farming
hydroponics are clean

it’s clean

  • Hydroponics works without soil, so it ELIMINATES NASTIES like micro-organisms, naturally occurring toxins and other impurities.
  • Hydroponics does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides so it’s CHEMICAL-FREE. There are no petroleum-based compounds to leach into the plant or the surrounding groundwater (or into your skin).
hydroponics are good for you

it’s good for you

  • Hydroponics is so clean, it ensures that hydroponic ingredients are 100% PURE AND NON-TOXIC.
  • Hydroponic plants and their extracts are also SUPER-POWERED because the plants are infused with a high concentration of healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

how it works

Hydroponics is the art and science of growing plants in water, not soil.

How does it work? Hydroponic plants are grown in nutrient-dense water that is totally free of toxic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and soil impurities. That means the extracts we derive from our hydroponic crops are also incredibly pure and non-toxic — ideal for use in clean skincare.

Because they are grown in the total absence of toxins and nasties, and are optimized to create the ripest, healthiest harvest, hydroponic crops have more nutrients and fewer impurities than soil-grown plants (even if they’re organic).

That means our hydroponic ingredients are 100% pure and non-toxic, super-powered and super-sustainable.

why hydroponics goes beyond the rest

Our blog has much more on hydroponics and how it is helping to improve lives and our environment.

the green line

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