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star ingredient

our exclusive Super-Lycopene Hydrosol

a multi-benefit youth-sustaining extract steam-distilled from hydroponic tomatoes

why it’s amazing

Super-Lycopene Hydrosol is a skin-renewing “wow.”

PURE: 100% non-toxic and free of nasties

POTENT: highly concentrated with lycopene

SUSTAINABLE: from hydroponic tomatoes

CUSTOM-CRAFTED: so we have total control

marlo craftmanship: creating our star

we did a lot of research to find just the right ingredient. our exclusive Super-Lycopene Hydrosol truly “does it all” — and does it sustainably because it’s hydroponic.

are one of the most popular superfoods, bursting with good-for-you nutrients, vitamins and more (including lycopene).

are cultivated hydroponically in mineral-enriched water, so from the start they are completely free of toxins and other nasties.

is an especially potent antioxidant and also helps cells stay strong in the face of environmental stress and toxin build-up.

comes from those hydroponic tomatoes — which contain super pure and concentrated levels of lycopene and other vital nutrients.

methods are surprisingly harsh and resource-intensive, often damaging the molecules they are extracting.

uses grown-to-order hydroponic extracts that are gently steam-distilled. This preserves the hydroponic nutrients in all their raw, natural potency.

marlo bloom cream and cleanser with lycopene

putting the “super”
in Super-Lycopene Hydrosol

This single master ingredient:

  1. Fights skin-aging free radicals and toxin build-up with exceptional antioxidant power.
  2. Keeps skin acting younger by encouraging its natural repair.
  3. Reinforces skin’s firmness by supporting natural collagen.
  4. Smooths skin’s texture.
  5. Keeps skin plumped with vital moisture.

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