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We put sustainability and caring for the environment at our core

always nurture nature

Being SUSTAINABLE is the third pillar of Our Philosophy. Our promise is to be as careful as possible in protecting and preserving the environment. After all, we are nature-lovers ourselves! Below are some of the key ways we commit to sustainability.

marlo our values sustainable energy


Every one of our products is built around hydroponic extracts, putting this incredible environmentally friendly and sustainable farming method at the center of what we do.


In the cosmetics industry, packaging is one of the trickiest areas. You need something to hold your product, keep it safe, and deliver it to your customers — and it has to look pretty, too. Here’s how we make our packaging impressively sustainable:

marlo bloom cleanser and cream sustainable packaging

100% Recyclable Glass

Unlike common plastic moisturizer jars, you can toss our Bloom Cream’s glass jar in with your normal recycling — glass can be recycled endlessly without any loss of purity or quality.

liner-free jar

We omit the plastic liner inside the jar (typically used to increase the “size perception” of the product) so when you’ve used the last drop, you can recycle the glass jar with confidence.

metallized cap

Many caps are spray-coated for color and other effects (shine, iridescence, etc.), but the spraying process can throw off particles (also known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs) into the environment, including chemical dyes, ozone and other pollutants. Our cream’s eco-friendly cap is molded in a luxurious satin-finish metal, which eliminates the need for toxic aerosol sprays.

100% FSC-Certified, Recyclable Carton

We carefully selected a carton supplier that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring they use environmentally sound paper sources. The paper stock and printing methods were designed to have minimal impact, and are easily and fully recyclable. We elected not to insert any additional printed material inside the carton, further reducing waste.

recycled materials

Our Bloom Lavish Whipped Cleanser tubes are made from 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. This means that 50% of the plastic in our tube is made from materials that have been recycled by consumers, like plastic bottles, which are repurposed into new packaging instead of ending up in a landfill or being dumped in the ocean.

energy and more

Since hydroponic growing requires minimal resources, we are saving energy from the get-go. But we don’t stop there.

marlo values sustainable energy

local sourcing

We use grown-to-order hydroponic extracts and prioritize local, hands-on operations when possible. We continuously monitor and update our sources to ensure all aspects of sustainability are considered. Minimizing transportation distance helps to reduce carbon emissions.

wind power offsets

Our carton supplier uses Renewable Choice, a leading global provider of customized clean energy services, to support renewable energy and wind power at their plants.

always improving

Beauty is only truly beautiful if it is sustainable, but of course a company can only make a substantial impact if it is successful.

At Marlo Hydroponic Skincare® we believe we’ve found the best possible balance across thousands of tricky decisions and competing priorities. If you have questions, comments or suggestions about how we can do better, please Contact Us and share your thoughts!

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making a beautiful difference,
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