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brand assets

brand book

An introduction to Marlo Hydroponic Skincare®.

brand & style guide

Our official guidelines for our trademark and brand assets.

our logos

Our logo in three variations: horizontal, vertical and the Marlo Hydroponic Skincare® circles.

All files are high resolution.

our colors

Our official color palette.

our products

bloom lush revitalizing cream product image.


Our chart illustrating why hydroponics goes beyond natural and organic.

circles pattern

The pattern of interlocking circles used in our product packaging.

terms of use

By using the Marlo Hydroponic Skincare® trademark and brand assets on this site, you agree to follow the guidelines found in our Brand and Style Guide.

Partial use of the logo e.g. using the interlocking circles, Marlo, or Hydroponic Skincare®, as separate identities is prohibited.

Use of any of the Marlo Hydroponic Skincare® branded elements for endorsements or testimonials is legally prohibited, unless expressly approved and stated by Marlo Hydroponic Skincare®.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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