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There are a ton of beauty and skincare products on the market — have you ever wondered what the difference is between all those creams, serums, and lotions? These products are similar in that they often provide moisture to your skin. But what about beyond that?

richer creams 

Creams are a universal type of skincare product; there are so many types of creams, made for both your face and body. Creams have a richer, thicker consistency to them and are great for restoring dry skin. They often contain super moisturizing ingredients like emollients that provide a seal to help lock in moisture. 

They’re used more often in winter, when the harsher dry air can really dry out your skin. Some people normally do not have dry skin, but in winter they do, so they might switch to using cream to moisturize their face.

Creams can have different purposes, like anti-aging or brightening. Many facial creams have special active ingredients and antioxidants. 

lightweight lotions 

Lotions are more lightweight and have a more watery texture. In the summer, you might not need the heavier protection of a thick facial cream, and prefer something that is more airy on your skin. People with oily skin often prefer to use oil-free facial lotions. 

When you think of lotions, you probably think of body lotions more than for the face. Body lotions are more watered down and you apply them liberally on your skin. They’re good for providing general moisture.

targeted serums 

Serums are typically also very lightweight but provide intense action. They aren’t general all-purpose moisturizers. They’ll usually target a specific issue like anti-aging, acne, or dull skin, and contain active ingredients. 

Serums are very concentrated, so they usually only require a few drops. Serums are usually layered, and  applied directly to clean skin, followed by a daily moisturizer on top.

Of course your personal preference ultimately weighs in too — some people prefer cream while others like the lighter texture of lotion. Choose what you like and what works for your skin.


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