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Have you ever wondered if you need to use different moisturizers on your face vs. your body? The short answer is yes.

all skin is not the same

The skin on your face and body are actually quite different, though it may all feel the same to you. Skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your body. And the skin around your eyes is even more delicate than the rest of your face. 

faces are more vulnerable

As you grow older, internal and external forces lead to changes in your body. The proteins and muscle mass that keep your skin supple and body strong begin diminishing. Plus, you’ve gotten more exposure in your lifetime to free radicals from UV radiation, which causes sun damage — and that speeds up skin aging.

facial skincare goes beyond moisturization

The delicate nature of facial skin and the aging process mean you need moisturizers that are specially formulated for your face and eyes. Special active ingredients like antioxidants, commonly found in anti-aging creams, are often used to help reduce lines and wrinkles. Other skin conditions like acne or rosacea may require specialist ingredients or even prescription products.

body-care products

The main concern for your body is usually getting enough moisture. Body moisturizers are meant to provide intense moisturization for your skin and often contain emollients that are great for your hands, but too heavy for facial skin. They may clog pores or cause irritation. Fragrances, often found in body lotions, can irritate sensitive skin as well. And while moisturization is the primary need, there are also more specialized body moisturizers that address targeted needs like cellulite or stretch marks.

In a pinch? Sure, it’s probably ok to use a light body lotion on your face. But it’s always better to use products the way they were intended. Facial moisturizers are specially formulated to be used on the face — and yours will appreciate it!


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