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Most of us are familiar with the soothing properties of the aloe vera plant – maybe you’ve used it to help treat skin that has been overexposed to the sun. It’s a versatile healer and comes in all sorts of forms, like a cream, gel, lotion or even spray. It’s also a natural ingredient that contains antioxidants like Vitamins A and C.

But, did you know that aloe vera has many other uses beyond calming sunburned skin? Here are a few others:

repair skin’s moisture barrier

Aloe has hydrating properties, so it can help to restore the skin’s moisture barrier. It also helps to repair damage that can happen as a result of skin conditions like eczema or injuries that damage the skin.

help heal wounds

Aloe is known to help wounds heal faster, and used to treat minor cuts. It boosts collagen, an important protein in your body, and helps fight bacteria as wounds heal. And, it helps them heal with less scarring.

battle puffy eyes

You may know that cucumber slices have long been used to fight eye puffiness, but aloe does the job too. It reduces swelling and inflammation in the skin, and even helps improve circulation around the eye.

remove makeup

Aloe is a natural makeup remover as well! Some makeup removers are oil-based, and aloe can be used in place of those if you don’t want to use oil-based products. It will remove makeup, as well as moisturize your skin.


Aloe is a natural anti-inflammatory. In addition to soothing skin, it also can act as a spot treatment for pimples. Or, use it as an aftershave to counteract razor burn.

Finally, you can even drink aloe vera juice as a beverage! And of course, have it as a plant to brighten up your home. Who knew aloe was such a multitasking ingredient! 

Source: Women’s Health; Healthline.com


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