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You probably use some kind of daily moisturizer for your face, but do you need to use a separate eye cream as well?

Yes, eye creams can be useful since the skin around your eyes is actually different from the rest of your face! It’s thinner and more delicate. Because of that, you have to treat it differently.

eye-specific concerns

Because the skin around the eye is thinner, it’s vulnerable to more irritations. It can sometimes be drier than the face in the form of dry patches, or be more sensitive. You often see the first signs of aging around the eye, like wrinkles or sagging skin.

All the blinking, squinting, and eye-rubbing add up! If you wear contacts or eye make-up, the skin is getting touched repeatedly. And some skin issues are specific to the eye, like puffiness and dark circles.

differences in ingredients 

Facial moisturizer provides general moisture to your face, while eye creams and treatments are specially formulated for the delicate area around the eyes. They might address specific eye concerns and contain ingredients that aren’t necessarily needed on the rest of the face.

Or, eye creams may contain similar ingredients to moisturizer but in lower concentrations to avoid irritating the sensitive eye area. (Have you ever gotten a dab of facial cream that wasn’t meant for eyes, in your eye by accident? Ouch!) Eye products often tend to be lighter weight and fragrance-free, again to minimize irritation. 

eye products

It can be fun shopping for eye products since they come in a wide variety of forms. Aside from the traditional creams and lotions, you’ll find eye treatments that are serums, gels, balms, even eye masks or pads that are applied to the eye area. Eye sticks, tubes, and special applicator tips like a rollerball are common, as well as a dropper bottle to dispense small amounts at a time. It goes without saying that you only need a small amount of product since you don’t need to cover your whole face. 

Regardless of what products you use, remember to always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and get plenty of sleep!


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