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Sustainability — you’ve likely heard this word a lot. What exactly does it mean? Sustainability is about protecting nature and its resources.

So how does sustainability relate to beauty? There are a number of ways beauty companies apply sustainability. Many of which, you may not have thought about.


Some cosmetic companies make products using plants, flowers, or other natural ingredients. Companies can make sure to obtain these ingredients more responsibly — this is called sustainable sourcing. Some ingredient suppliers will offer a certification to companies for doing so. For example, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies products that contain ingredients obtained from responsibly managed forests.

reducing environmental impact

Using hydroponics to grow plants conserves both land and water. In fact, some sources say that hydroponics uses just 1/20th the water and half the land used in regular farming. In addition, companies can reduce their carbon footprint by changing how they make products and reducing waste.

packaging strategy

Is there a need for so many little plastic jars, bottles, boxes and paper booklets? A number of beauty companies don’t think so. Many have now begun using recyclable packaging items like glass jars (versus plastic), paper for cartons and liners, and safer inks. This helps reduce consumer waste.

economic impact

Companies are becoming more concerned about fair wages and working conditions. Therefore, you might see the term “fair trade” on products. Following such practices allows companies to use this term.

Consumers are becoming more educated about conservation. Because of this, many are choosing to buy from companies that use sustainability practices.

a note about marlo

Sustainability is at the core of marlo hydroponics. We’ve used several sustainable practices to make our products. For example, our cartons are FSC-certified. Also, our Super Lycopene Hydrosol is sustainably sourced and we minimally use plastic packaging.

Source: Produce Business Magazine


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